Controlling litigation is a key to success for businesses. DE BUSSY GIANCARLI is active during the pre-litigation phase to prepare strategy. During the proceedings, the Firm assists and represents its clients, whether plaintiffs or defendants, in connection with expert assessment procedures, before the competent courts, and with the enforcement of court decisions.

DE BUSSY GIANCARLI advises and represents its clients in litigation involving all business law issues, such as disputes in connection with mergers & acquisitions (enforcing representations & warranties and indemnities, purchase price adjustments, performance of shareholders’ agreements), liability of corporate officers and directors, disputes in connection with supply and distribution agreements, industrial loss claims and unfair competition lawsuits.

Domestic and International Arbitration

DE BUSSY GIANCARLI assists and advises its clients in connection with domestic and international arbitration proceedings, whether under the aegis of arbitration associations (ICC, AFA) or in ad hoc proceedings.

The Firm provides a full range of services, at the contractual stage (drafting arbitration agreements and arbitration clauses), during the course of arbitration proceedings (drafting pleadings, preparing and assisting with hearings, handling oral arguments) and in connection with proceedings related to the enforcement of arbitral awards (exequatur, actions to set aside).

The founding partners have represented clients, in particular, in international matters involving major industrial partnership projects and strategic distribution agreements.